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Getting older doesn’t have to mean looking older. At South Shore Eye Care in Wantagh and Massapequa, New York, the staff focuses on two important aspects of anti aging: vision and appearance. This allows our patients to leave seeing and looking better. One quick, simple way to rejuvenate your appearance without surgery or downtime is through BOTOX Cosmetic®.

Botox Q & A

How Does BOTOX Work?

Deep frown lines are the result of hundreds of muscle contractions in the forehead each day. You use this muscle every time you squint or frown, slowly etching deeper and deeper frown lines between your brows. BOTOX is injected into these muscles, weakening the muscle and smoothing the skin.

Will My Acquaintances Know That I Have Had Work Done?

When BOTOX Cosmetic is administered correctly, it doesn’t impact your ability to express emotion at all and the results are natural and subtle. The most important measure you can take to ensure that you get the results you want is to choose a doctor who has adequate training and extensive experience in the administration of BOTOX. They should also be able to provide you with before-and-after photos of patients treated.

Does BOTOX Hurt?

BOTOX is injected through a very small needle. Most patients describe feeling a slight pinch. Patients who are worried about pain or feel they have a low pain tolerance may be able to receive topical anesthesia to numb the injection area before treatment.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Patients begin seeing results within just a couple of days. These results continue to improve until approximately 10 days after treatment, when they peak and maintain for up to four months.

Are There Any Side Effects?

All drugs are accompanied by potential side effects, including BOTOX. Side effects of BOTOX are generally minor and resolve quickly; they may include eyelid or brow droopiness or slight bruising.

Can I Go Right Back to Work?

Yes, there is no medical reason you can’t return to work after receiving BOTOX injections. However, most patients experience some redness and temporary swelling where each injection was administered that can last a few hours after the procedure. For this reason, some patients schedule their treatment toward the end of the day or take the rest of the day off.

How Much Does BOTOX Cost?

The cost of BOTOX treatment depends on the amount of drug required to treat you, which varies depending on the number of treatment areas. The average cost is around $400 per treatment, but the team at South Shore Eye Care is happy to create a customized estimate to help you plan.

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