Pediatric Myopia

"Seeking children between 6-9 years old who need glasses for nearsightedness to join a clinical trial." - An infographic by the team at

We are involved in a research study to evaluate the clinical performance of an investigational type of lens for glasses. This research study is being sponsored by a medical device company.

This study involves using the study glasses for up to three years. Your child will be asked to use one of the three lens types in different glasses frames instead of their normal glasses. Your child will first be assessed by an eye care practitioner and, if suitable, be invited to participate in the study and to attend up to 14 further visits at the practice over the three years. The glasses your child will use while in the study will be provided to you free of charge. During the study, both you and your child will receive a small reimbursement for your time and travel expenses. Your child will also receive comprehensive eye care at no cost during the time they are in the study.

The study is voluntary and there is no requirement to purchase any products. A special ethics committee ensures that appropriate safeguards exist to protect the rights and welfare of research participants, and participation is completely voluntary.

Please phone with your child’s spectacle prescription (if available) and ask to speak to a research coordinator for further details.

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